Michael J. Coffey

Certified Professional Coach


About You

You are pretty smart. You're competent. You know what you're doing. Usually, at least. After all, you're not perfect. But you have a desire to improve, to do better.

You are an individual. You're doing you best to make the world a better place. Maybe you're working with an organization trying to address climate change, or food insecurity, or protect the rights of marginalized people. Perhaps you're facing one of these challenges:

  • Clarifying your goals or direction
  • Prioritizing, so your efforts are focused on what's most important
  • Sticking to your plan, or resisting the temptation to constantly tweak it

Or you're an entrepreneur. Whether you're a seasoned small business owner, or a prospective first time entrepreneur, you want your business to do good in addition to doing well. But running a business has a lot of moving parts, and you have to wear many hats. So. Many. Hats. Maybe these obstacles seem familiar:

  • Making difficult decisions that impact your operations or employees
  • Figuring out how to stay on top of it all, or what to let go of
  • Learning some new thing (there's always another one) from technology to marketing, or even how to write a business plan or pull together a loan proposal package

In either case, you could use support occasionally. I have been trained and certified to help people like you with issues like these. I can be a sounding board, a brainstorming partner, or take whatever role is necessary to help you do your thing more effectively. I tend to be action-oriented, and able to hop perspectives and see things from different points of view. I use these skills to get you working at a higher level, getting you through the rough patches quickly, and extracting the best lessons from those occasional "learning experiences" life throws at us all.